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Spring vacation in Merano

Experience a holiday shaped by the beauty of spring and the diverse activities that Merano and its surroundings have to offer. The warm sun rays and the blossoming nature create the perfect backdrop for various outdoor activities. In Merano and the surrounding area, there are numerous opportunities to actively enjoy spring.

Thanks to the ideal location of Hotel Westend, you can easily reach any desired destination with well-organized public transportation. Whether you want to bring your bike along or embark on an impressive hike in the picturesque mountains of South Tyrol, the possibilities are endless.

Hiking in Merano and Surroundings

Experience the fascination of spring in Merano while hiking through the breathtaking landscape of South Tyrol! There are many kilometers of hiking trails around the spa town of South Tyrol that lead you to the most beautiful places in the Merano area. The numerous panoramic trails offer wonderful views of the valley, the city and the surrounding mountain scenery. A special highlight is the "Waalwege"!

The Waalwege Path: In Merano, you will find the so-called "Waale": irrigation channels used by farmers who cultivated the rain-poor land. They date back to ancient times and are typical of this region. The water came from the streams of the side valleys and reached the fields through channels or wooden-guided troughs. Today, only a few are still in operation as they have been replaced by modern systems. The paths still used for maintenance have become popular hiking trails, used by both visitors and locals, such as the Marlinger Waalweg Path or Lagundo Waalweg Path.   Marlengo Waalweg Path: The 12 km long Marlengo Waalweg Path is the longest Waalweg in South Tyrol. It starts at the Töll Bridge and runs relatively flat along the water channel through well-maintained terrain, passing apple orchards, vineyards, chestnut trees, and shade-providing forests. After the medieval Castle Lebenberg, the Waalweg, created over 250 years ago, gently descends along the mountain to Lana on the Adige River.
Throughout the entire route, hikers are treated to panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The diverse cultural and natural landscape with distant views of the Merano basin and the impressive Texel Group is impressive.

Lagundo Waalweg Path: The Lagundo Waalweg Path is a two-part, 5 to 6-kilometer-long hiking trail along the Waal. The Waalweg runs almost flat. Hikers, young and old, are rewarded with breathtaking views of Algund and the entire Merano region. The Waalweg follows the water through the two Algund districts of Oberplars and Mitterplars to the picturesque Lagundo district of Dorf. From there, it continues through beautiful vine-covered hills to the Gratsch district of Merano, where the trail merges into the road leading to St. Peter.
To extend the hike, it is possible to continue on the famous Tappeinerweg to Merano (an additional 1.5 hours).


Tappeinerweg: One of Merano's most famous promenades is undoubtedly the Tappeinerweg, which runs along the slope of Küchelberg from the city center. It is one of the most beautiful high-altitude promenades in Europe, offering a mix of alpine and Mediterranean vegetation along with magnificent panoramic views. The Tappeinerweg starts opposite the intersection of Gilfpromenade and the old Passeirerstraße. Over a length of 3 km, it leads from above the parish church to Gratsch. To extend the hike, it is possible to continue hiking on the Algund Waalweg to Töll (an additional 2.5 hours).
Since the trail has hardly any inclines, it is also suitable for a stroll with a stroller.


The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle: The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano extend over 12 hectares with a height difference of 100 meters. This provides spectacular views of over 80 garden landscapes, the surrounding mountains, and the city of Merano. On gently winding paths, you embark on a journey through four garden worlds with plants from around the globe, passing sunny terraces and babbling brooks. A stroll through the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff is always an experience, as the gardens change week by week. A sea of tulips heralds the arrival of spring, followed by rhododendrons, peonies, and roses. In summer, the sunflower field and many summer flowers and perennials shine with intense colors until autumn bathes the gardens in atmospheric hues.


News 2024

Starting now, we offer our dear guests the opportunity to experience unforgettable mountain adventures with qualified mountain guides throughout the year.
We provide lessons, courses, or accompanying services for medium-difficulty mountain tours in the Dolomites and the surrounding areas.
Additionally, we offer a convenient pickup service directly from our establishment, as well as the option to rent the necessary equipment for the activity.

More information by e-mail or Instagram:
ALL MOUNTAIN - Guide Alpine (@allmountain_guides)


Among the activities offered are:
- Climbing (indoor and outdoor)
- Via ferrata
- Hiking or snowshoeing excursions
- Guided tours on ski slopes (e.g., Sella Ronda, Giro della Grande Guerra)
- Ski mountaineering and freeriding
- Ice climbing



For cyclists, the Merano region in spring offers seemingly endless possibilities. A particularly charming highlight in spring is cycling along the route of the Vinschgerbahn. Take the train to Mals, rent a mountain bike, and explore the route back to Merano. If the distance seems too far, you can return your bike at any station along the route and comfortably board the train again. Cycling tours through the blooming apple orchards, such as from Merano to Bolzano, provide a spring experience with a special touch.
The region is also a paradise for cyclists in spring, boasting one of the best-signposted bicycle networks in all of South Tyrol!

For mountain bikers, there are numerous beautiful bike paths in South Tyrol, such as the one from Merano to the Passeiertal, which runs along the Passer River and is ideal for a day trip. This bike path is directly accessible from Hotel Villa Westend in the center of Merano. Starting as a paved road, it later turns into a very good gravel path from Obermais onward, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent views along the Passer. Popular among both families and athletes, it starts in Merano, passes through Dorf Tirol and Riffian, goes past the golf courses of Quellenhof, continues through St. Martin to St. Leonhard.   Road Cycling: Cycling through South Tyrol with a road bike? No problem at all! South Tyrol is known for its exceptionally good network of bike paths. You can easily reach any destination. Whether from Merano to Vinschgau and back by train, into the Pustertal, or for the more challenging routes to Lake Garda. On the bike paths, you can travel easily and safely! The bike path to Vinschgau runs along the "Vinschger" railway, so you have the opportunity to take the train further or return at each village. Initially, it is a bit steep, but once you leave Töll behind, it becomes a gentle ride, allowing you to enjoy the scenery! From Rabland to Naturns via Staben, you come very close to the Messner Mountain Museum.

Nordic Walking

Experience Nordic Walking in Merano and the surrounding area as a wonderful way to stay fit during your vacation. Take advantage of this popular trend sport to gently improve your fitness. The region around Merano offers numerous charming routes that lead you through the breathtaking landscape of South Tyrol. In the Nature Fitness Parks in Schenna and Naturns, experienced trainers are ready to teach you the correct technique. Immerse yourself in the harmony of body and nature while staying perfectly in shape. Nordic Walking hardly finds a more beautiful setting in the Merano area.

Golf in the Merano Area

In the Burggrafenamt, golf enthusiasts can choose from two outstanding golf courses:
The largest golf course in South Tyrol is located in St. Leonhard in Passeier, only 15 km from Merano, featuring an impressive 18-hole course. Tactical skill is required as bunkers and water hazards demand strategic thinking. The golf course is suitable for players of all ages, and exciting tournaments take place here every year.
The Brandis Golf Course in Lana, just 6 km from Merano, was designed by the renowned golf course designer Michael Pinner, a former associate of Jack Nicklaus. With its 9-hole course, it provides a challenging challenge for both inexperienced and experienced golfers.
Both golf courses are easily reachable by car in less than 20 minutes. They offer an ideal environment for golf enthusiasts to improve their skills and enjoy the scenic beauty of the region.

Spring Magic in Merano: Diversity for an unforgettable vacation!

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