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The Golden Autumn in Merano

Immerse yourself in an autumn vacation that is not only marked by the fascinating beauty of this season but also by culinary highlights that Merano and its surroundings have to offer. The warm hues of falling leaves and the pleasant coolness create the perfect backdrop for diverse outdoor activities. However, autumn in Merano captivates not only with its picturesque nature but also with the unique experience of 'Törggelen'. Enjoy traditional South Tyrolean specialties accompanied by top-notch wines and let yourself be enchanted by the warm hospitality of the region. Merano and its surroundings thus offer a harmonious blend of nature enjoyment and culinary delights to savor autumn to the fullest.

Thanks to the convenient location of Hotel Westend, you can effortlessly reach any desired location with well-organized public transportation. Whether you embark on a bike tour or plan an impressive hike through the autumnal mountains of South Tyrol - the possibilities are virtually endless.

The Origin of the Term "Törggelen"

Cozy gatherings, a glass of wine, homemade food: Törggelen in South Tyrol is simply an unforgettable experience in autumn. However, to obtain the wine, many people had to collaborate in the past. They produced the wine with their own strength because the grapes were pressed with a "Torggl." If you are interested in wine and the history of South Tyrol, you should not miss a holiday at your hotel in South Tyrol.

Traditional cuisine in South Tyrol during Törggelen
After an autumn hike, indulge in a Törggelen inn with a hot soup, homemade cheese, bacon and sausages, South Tyrolean dumplings, Schlutzer, cheese spaetzle, and the Schlachtplatte. For dessert, roasted chestnuts and sweet doughnuts are served. However, the focal point is the wine, from "Siaßer," a young grape must, to "Nuie," the young wine.

Merano WineFestival - Epicurean Days in Merano

In November, the Kurhaus Merano transforms into the venue for the renowned Merano WineFestival, now considered one of the most significant wine fairs in Europe. Over three days, visitors have the opportunity to taste exquisite wines from around the world, accompanied by exquisite delicacies. The extensive program of the festival includes captivating lectures, informative tours, sophisticated tastings, and festive award ceremonies. These activities, organized by Gourmet's International, not only provide insights into the world of wine and gastronomic trends but also offer the chance to sample and evaluate excellent beers and spirits from the best breweries and distilleries in Europe.
The carefully selected wines are accompanied by culinary highlights under the label "Culinaria." Here, the focus is on the finest Italian products, allowing visitors to taste delicacies and enjoy dishes crafted by master chefs. The Merano WineFestival promises not only a journey of discovery through the world of wine but also a celebration for epicureans and connoisseurs.

Hiking in Merano and Surroundings

Explore the enchanting autumn atmosphere of Merano and let yourself be captivated by the fascination of this season as you hike through the breathtaking landscape of South Tyrol! The spa town and its surroundings offer numerous kilometers of hiking trails that lead you to the most beautiful spots. The autumnal colors and crisp air create a special ambiance, while the numerous panoramic trails offer wonderful views of the valley, the town, and the surrounding mountain scenery.
An absolute highlight is the Waalweg Paths, which provide a unique perspective on the autumnal beauty of nature.

The Waalweg Paths: In Merano and its surroundings, you'll find the so-called "Waale": irrigation channels used by farmers who cultivated the rain-poor land. They date back to ancient times and are typical of this region. The water came from the streams of the side valleys and reached the fields through channels or wooden troughs. Today, only a few are still in operation, as they have been replaced by modern systems. The paths still used for maintenance have become popular hiking trails, both for visitors and locals, such as the Waalweg Paths of Marlengo or the Waalweg Path of Lagundo.   The Tappeinerweg: One of Merano's most famous promenades is undoubtedly the Tappeinerweg, which runs along the slope of Küchelberg from the city center. It is one of the most beautiful high promenades in Europe, offering a mix of alpine and Mediterranean vegetation combined with magnificent panoramic views. The Tappeinerweg starts opposite the junction of Gilfpromenade into the old Passeirerstraße. Over a length of 3 km, it leads from above the parish church to Gratsch. To extend the hike, it's possible to continue via the Algund Waalweg to Töll (additional 2.5 hours). With its minimal inclines, the path is also suitable for a stroll with a stroller.

The Promenades of Merano: Reflecting the flair of Merano, the beautiful promenades invite you to unwind: Merano's lovely promenades include the Cure Promenade, Summer Promenade, Winter Promenade, Gilf Promenade, and the Falkner Promenade. Merano's promenades have an inviting charm, encouraging you to get some fresh air and explore the city and its surroundings on a leisurely walk. Along the Passer or on the slopes of Küchlberg, you can rejuvenate and escape from everyday life!
The Cure Promenade runs along the Passer from the Post Bridge to the Theater Bridge and continues into the Passerpromenade. On the opposite side of the river, you'll find the Thermenplatz with the entrance to the Merano Thermal Baths. To the east, the Kurpromenade extends as the Winterpromenade, seamlessly integrating into the Merano promenade system.


The Falknerpromenade: In Dorf Tirol, high above Merano, lies the Falknerpromenade, promising an especially extensive panoramic view. Dorf Tirol has its own promenade, the H. Falkner-Weg. Its benefactor, Hans Norman Falkner (1906-1988) from North Tyrol, who made Dorf Tirol his chosen home in the '70s, contributed significantly to the village. He initiated the creation of the 1 km long Falknerpromenade, planting it with various shrubs and trees, such as cypresses and palms. The promenade encircles the village from the gas station to the western outskirts, offering views extending to St. Peter, Castle Tirol, Castle Thurnstein, and across the Merano basin. From the parking lots and the bus stop south of the town center, the beautiful panoramic path leads directly to the Schlossweg, which passes through the Knappenloch to Castle Tirol and St. Peter.


News 2024

Starting now, we offer our dear guests the opportunity to experience unforgettable mountain adventures with qualified mountain guides throughout the year.
We provide lessons, courses, or accompanying services for medium-difficulty mountain tours in the Dolomites and the surrounding areas.
Additionally, we offer a convenient pickup service directly from our establishment, as well as the option to rent the necessary equipment for the activity.

More information by e-mail or Instagram:
ALL MOUNTAIN - Guide Alpine (@allmountain_guides)


Among the activities offered are:
- Climbing (indoor and outdoor)
- Via ferrata
- Hiking or snowshoeing excursions
- Guided tours on ski slopes (e.g., Sella Ronda, Giro della Grande Guerra)
- Ski mountaineering and freeriding
- Ice climbing



Experience the enchanting autumn atmosphere of Merano and discover the beauty of the region on a bike tour! In autumn, the landscape is adorned with the warm colors of foliage, and the crisp air adds a special freshness to your cycling adventures. Autumn bike tours promise an unforgettable experience. Enjoy clear views of the autumnal mountains, breathe in the fresh air, and witness the unique color palette that nature offers during this season. Even in autumn, the Merano region presents itself as a paradise for cyclists with one of the best-signposted cycling networks in South Tyrol. Explore well-marked paths and let yourself be enchanted by the autumnal beauty of the surroundings.
Make your autumn holiday an unforgettable adventure on two wheels in the picturesque Merano region.

For enthusiastic mountain bikers, South Tyrol offers a wealth of charming cycling paths, including the route from Merano to the Passeiertal. This path runs along the Passer and is ideal for an unforgettable day trip. Starting directly from Hotel Villa Westend in the center of Merano, the bike path initially follows paved routes and then switches to an excellent gravel road from Obermais onwards. Along this route, a breathtaking view unfolds along the Passer, delighting every cyclist. Popular among families and athletes alike, this route passes through the charming villages of Dorf Tirol and Riffian, crosses the golf courses of Quellenhof, and continues on to St. Martin and St. Leonhard. The versatility of the path makes it a diverse and appealing option for those who want to explore the beauty of the South Tyrolean landscape on a mountain bike.


Road cycling in South Tyrol? Absolutely effortless! The region is famous for its excellent network of road cycling routes, allowing you to effortlessly reach any destination. Whether from Merano to the Vinschgau, returning by train, along the Pustertal, or even for those who prefer a more challenging route to Lake Garda. The well-developed cycling paths provide a comfortable and secure way to explore the beauty of South Tyrol. The route to Vinschgau follows the track of the "Vinschger" train, meaning you have the option to continue or return by train at each village. Although the route starts somewhat steeply, once you pass Töll, it gently meanders, allowing you to fully enjoy the magnificent scenery! The route from Rabland to Naturns via Staben even takes you close to the Messner Mountain Museum, adding extra allure to the road cycling adventure.


Golfing in the Merano Area

Explore the world of golf in the enchanting South Tyrol, where passionate golfers can choose between two outstanding courses:
The largest golf course in South Tyrol is located in St. Leonhard in Passeier, just 15 km from Merano, and impresses with an imposing 18-hole course. Tactical skill is required as bunkers and water hazards demand strategic thinking. Players of all ages find a suitable challenge here, and exciting tournaments are held on the course annually.
The Brandis Golf Course in Lana, only 6 km from Merano, was designed by the renowned golf course designer Michael Pinner, a former associate of Jack Nicklaus. With its 9-hole course, it provides both inexperienced and experienced golfers with a challenging experience.
Both golf courses are easily accessible by car in less than 20 minutes, offering an ideal environment for golf enthusiasts to refine their skills while enjoying the scenic beauty of the region.

Merano in autumn: Experience diversity, create memories!

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