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Covid-19 Informations - Hotel Villa Westend Merano

General information:

Visitors from EU countries and  Schengen states  (list C countries) will be able to enter Italy/South Tyrol without having to quarantine. 

South Tyrol is a white zone.
You can now freely enjoy the region’s vast Alpine pastures, remote peaks, hidden places of natural energy, unique food and fresh air again. With targeted steps, we’re moving towards carefree everyday life once again!

  • South Tyrol is a white zone.
  • Everything you need to know for travelling to South Tyrol from EU countries and Schengen states (list C countries) as well as for returning to your home country can be found here.
  • Accommodations are open and guarantee you a safe stay. You need the green pass.


  • It is no mandatory to wear a surgical mask outdoors. You are nevertheless still required to carry a surgical mask with you and to wear it whenever there is a gathering of people.
  • All outdoor activities are allowed provided the following minimum distances to others are maintained: two metres when engaged in sports activities and one metre during other physical activities.
  • Retail shops are open all week. Wearing a surgical mask while shopping is mandatory for people aged 12 and over. 
  • Bars and restaurants can stay open in line with their normal hours of operation. A Super Green Pass is required to access any closed indoor venues.
  • Public transport and cable cars operate at 80% capacity. Wearing a surgical mask while on board is mandatory for people aged 12 and over. An FFP2 mask is still recommended. Means of transport that are open to the elements can be used at 100% capacity.
  • Visiting theatres, cinemas, and concert halls is possible for holders of a Super Green Pass who have booked in advance. 
  • Access to museums will be granted upon presentation of a Super Green Pass .
  • Indoor fitness centres, sports halls, spas, and public swimming pools are open and may be visited by holders of a Green Pass .
  • Theme parks and amusement parks may be accessed by holders of a Green Pass .
  • Outdoor events, including folk and village festivals, may be visited by holders of a Green Pass.
  • Access to trade shows, conventions, and congresses will be granted upon presentation of a Green Pass .


In our Hotel Villa Westend we are prepared:

Highest quality standards of cleaning and hygiene were already our priority in the past and are even more important today. Our already extensive hygiene guidelines have been reviewed and adapted where necessary. For example, we have provided various disinfectant dispensers within the hotel.
Our employees work with mouth and nose protection in the entire hotel. Under our masks, we smile all the more, even though you may not see our facial expressions as you used to.


  • all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected daily
  • all our bedding and towels are washed above 90 ° C.
  • on request, housekeeping will not enter your room during your stay
  • we took out all decoration detail and decorative pillows which cannot be washed daily.
  • in our entrance and reception area you will find disinfectant dispenser to clean your hands.
  • all surfaces like elevator buttons, chairs, light switches etc. are disinfected many times daily.

Check in & check out:
You can already check in online before your arrival. Once you arrive at our hotel we will give you your disinfected room keys and explain some things to you and your vacation can start!
We prefer cashless paying methods when checking out, apple pay and google pay are accepted as well. Nevertheless paying in cash is still accepted.

Breakfast buffet
We still offer our breakfast buffet.
We kindly ask you to cover both mouth and nose by a facemask and keep the personal distance of 1 meter to other guests..

We offer you the possibility to order easily in the hotel with our premium partner:

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